Fuel Hose - Ethanol & Bio Safe / 14mm

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14mm ID Fuel Hose, suitable for BioDiesel and up to 100% ethanol

Check the spec of any hose designated "R9" as much of this is safe with "up to" 10% Ethanol (E10)... the actual "R9" spec sheet states "Exposure of this hose to gasoline or diesel fuel that contains high levels, greater than 5% by volume, of oxygenates, i.e., ethanol, methanol, or MTBE may result in significantly higher permeation rates..." This hose is fine with 100% Ethanol.
There is already discussion about 15% Ethanol in Petrol (E15) and 10% Ethanol (E10) is on the wyay.... 
This hose is E100 safe.



Methanol 0-100%
Ethanol 0-100%
Butanol 0-100%


Rapeseed Methy Ester 0-100%
Hydro Tested Veg Oil 0-100%
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester 0-100%
Soya Methy Ester 0-100%


Working Pressure max 10bar
Test Pressure 20bar
Burst Pressure >50bar

Temperature Range

Working Temperature - 40°C - 125°C
Short term up to 150°C
Additional Standards

VW TL 524 24
GME 08 007
DBL 6256.70
BMW GS 93010

As with all hose they are supplied to us in 20m coils.
The maximum length available in one piece is 20m.
We will always try to supply hoses in one complete length.
Please note that only complete rolls can be returned, pieces cut from the roll cannot be returned for credit, Please ensure that you select the correct hose and length.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number FPM140
Dimension / Internal (mm) 14
Dimension / External (mm) 22
Dimension / DN 10
Material FPM / ECO / AR / ECO
Data / Working Pressure (BAR) 10
Testing Pressure (BAR) 20
Bursting Pressure (BAR) 50
Minimum Bend Radius (mm) 100
DIN Standard 73379-3E
Comparison / Cross Ref No
Approvals VW TL 524 24; GME 08 007; DBL 6256.70; BMW GS 93010; Exceeds SAE J30R9
Weight (kg) 0.4


£32.86 (Inc VAT)
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